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Please complete this form to apply to have your car featured at the Club Fair.

Do you drive a cool car, love meeting new people, and want to network in Nanaimo?

Join the VIU Car Club for the upcoming Club Fair. We've secured permission to park two very special cars in the middle of campus for the day during the event. Chat with students, promote yourself, and get involved. Fill out the form below to connect with our President to discuss the opportunity.

Thanks for submitting!

You can also email a photo of your car to ''

2022 CEC Events Calendar

Check back regularly for updates

If you are interested in planning an event together or would consider sponsoring an event for the VIU Car Club, please email us! 


Other Local Car Meets We've Heard About

We will update as we hear about other regular meets and cruises that start to pop up locally.


Friday Nights (weekly): 7:00PM by Midnight Club - location varies, follow them on Instagram

Saturday Nights (weekly): 7:00PM by Skeletons of Society - Sears Parking Lot, Rutherford Mall

Sunday Nights (weekly): 6:00pm by UNAFFILIATED - Tim Hortons, Southgate


Thursday Nights (weekly): 6:00pm by UNAFFILIATED (bikes only!) - Belleville's Watering Hole & Diner

Friday Nights (weekly): 8:00pm by UNAFFILIATED - Silver City/Tillicum Mall rooftop

Saturday Nights (weekly): 6:00PM by UNAFFILIATED - Canadian Tire on Broadmead

Saturday Nights (bi-weekly): 6:00PM by UNAFFILIATED - Java Jo's

Saturday Nights (weekly): 7:00pm by Subaru Club (open to all) - Canadian Tire at Admirals Way

Saturday Nights (weekly): 6:30pm by UNAFFILIATED - Mayfair Mall parkade top level


Monday Nights (weekly): 6:00PM by UNAFFILIATED - Mary Winspear Centre, Sidney

Thursday Nights (weekly): 6:30pm by UNAFFILIATED - A&W, Ladysmith/Oyster Bay

Friday Nights (weekly): 8:00PM by UNAFFILIATED - YMCA, Langford/Westhills

Saturday Nights (weekly): 6:00pm by UNAFFILIATED - A&W, Sooke


Thursday Nights (weekly): 7:00pm by UNAFFILIATED - Staples, Port Alberni

Friday Nights (weekly): 7:00pm by Vancouver Island Car Meets - Hyundai parking lot, Courtenay

Sunday Nights (weekly): 6:30pm by UNAFFILIATED - Tim Hortons at Willowpoint, Campbell River

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